I’ll Have the Usual – Santo Domingo – Mo Mo Mo Mofongo!

2011 March 9

Now that I got a belly full of “bug” it’s time to bid adieu to my gracious hosts G-Bird, Mr. G-Bird and their two sweet baby birds. Up at dawn for my 8AM departure to mi tierra La Republica Dominicana. Yes, for all of you that thought I was some Asian or Anglo hipster chick, I am indeed a Carribbean queen born in the US of immigrant stock. I say it loud and proud and with that I need to make an important public service announcement here; my family’s country is called The Dominican Republic. If I hear one more linguistically lazy American tourist call it “The Dominican”, I’m gonna have to start swinging some dead cats. The Dominican REPUBLIC people please remember. (If you must be lazy I’m OK with “The DR”) OK, thank you for letting me get that of my chest.

One place I always always have to go when I visit Santo Domingo is Adrian Tropical, home of some bitchin’ Mofongo.  For those uninitiated Mofongo is typically a dish of fried green plantains or yucca seasoned with garlic, olive oil and pork crackling, then mashed.   FRIED + FRIED + MASHED = all sorts of wrong tasting so right!   The beauty of Adrian  however is that they have a variety of different Mofongos in different sizes!  That’s right you don’t have to bust a gut or a diet getting your fix here!  Today Tia and I are eating light so we each get the Chicken Mini-Mofongo.  I can hear my sisters now saying “oh no that ain’t right” but it was lunch and I was saving myself for dinner.

Santo Domingo PresidenteFirst Course Presidente Beer a seriously delicious beer that taste better with humidity!

Santo Domingo Chicken Mini MofongoChicken Mini-Mofongo served in a Pilon with a sofrito broth and Avocado!  MMMMM.

Santo Domingo Chicken Mini Mofongo PlateMofongo on my plate drizzled with broth and welcoming me home.

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  1. Terrance Smith permalink
    January 12, 2014

    When I visited Santo Domingo last year May 2013. I enjoyed the mofongo con sancocho y la cerveca de presidente. Actually,I went to see a former coworker who had retired and moved back to D.R. His wife prepared a nice meal of stewed chicken con arroz de amorilla y habichuelas. Now I will attempt to make the dishes you posted here. Thanks, T.Smith

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