On the Pho-trol – Golden Deli Vietnamese Restaurant

2010 December 18

It’s soggy, it’s gray and feels too much like gloomy San Francisco for this thin blooded LA girl so you know what that means….. That’s right, it’s Pho time! Time for Sis and I to hightail it over SGV way for some liquid sunshine. Where you ask? Mission Dr. and Las Tunas Dr. THE AXIS OF GOODNESS of course; Golden Deli Vietnamese Restaurant to be exact.

First thing you notice when you walk into Golden Deli Vietnamese Restaurant is how comfortable, inviting and warm the wood panel and mirrored interior is. We likes, this is definitely part of it’s charm and I’m sure one reason there’s always a line during peak hours. Sis and I however are super stealth detectives and always make it a habit to arrive fashionably early (11:40). Who needs the lines?

The Pho? Perfection, that’s all I can say about it. Perfectly aromatic broth with tender rare beef, chewy noodles and all the fixings!! This is now my favorite spot for Pho. They have got it down. The service was also quite good and bilingual. Next time we go I’m going to try the Bun and they even have Bahn Mi. Oh Heaven…..

Golden Deli Lime Soda
Fresh Lime Soda – tasty but beware lot’s of sugar

Golden Deli Egg Rolls with Vegetable

Egg Rolls with Vegetables – use the lettuce like a tortilla, sprinkle with herbs then dip in sauce MMMMM!

Golden Deli Rare Beef Pho

Most Magical Rare Beef Pho

Golden Deli Pho fixin's

Aromatic Herbs and Sprouts to add to your Pho

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