Banh Mi Baby – Saigon’s Sandwich & Bakery (Battle Winner!)

2010 September 15

After a kind of long not so hot summer of sampling San Gabriel Valleys finest in Banh Mi,  Sis and I have finally found our new favorite at Saigon’s Sandwich & Bakery.   Saigons Sandwich & Bakery is a small take out place with just a couple of tables.  They offer most of the usual suspects in filling and also a few unusual ones like egg and sardines.  Daughter was a bit disappointed they didn’t have her favorite choice Grilled Lemongrass Beef but she got over that when she saw they had Boba.

Saigon’s bakes their own bread and if you buy 3 sandwiches you get to take home a free baguette.  They also gives you the option of having your sandwich on either traditional baguette or a torpedo style roll.  Sis and I both opted for #16 Grilled Pork with paté on traditional baguette and Daughter got the shredded chicken on baguette with an avocado boba smoothie.

So what makes Saigon’s Sandwich & Bakery the best in our judgement?  First off, there’s nothing like fresh baked bread  and this one is perfect; crusty on the outside without being hard enough to scratch the roof of your mouth, soft, sweet, chewy and moist on the inside.  Second, the proportions and fillings were just right; the pork succulent and sweet, light and creamy paté, hint of mayo, the pickles crisp not too vinegary, fresh jalapeños and a nice sprig of cilantro.  A beautiful balance of good clean flavors.  For my $2.25 Saigon’s Sandwich and Bakery reigns supreme.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention their crispy egg rolls are also noteworthy.

Saigon Sandwiches Grilled Pork 16 banh mi

The reigning champ! #16 Grilled Pork Banh Mi

Saigons Sandwich chicken banh mi

Daughters choice Chicken Banh Mi (she still prefers the Beef @ Tapioca and Pho)

Saigons Sandwich egg roll

Don’t leave without some most excellent egg rolls

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