Dump Day! – Michelle’s Pancake

2009 October 16

Hurray Hurray for Dumplings!  Next on our San Gabriel journey for Dumpling Nirvana is Michelle’s Pancake.  Now, a chinese pancake is different from what we Americans think of as a pancake.  Chinese pancakes can be sweet or savory, they are made of dough not batter and they take many shapes.  Michelle’s pancakes offers many different types of pancakes and dumplings and touts itself as being fresher, healthier (no MSG) and less oily than it’s neighboring counterparts.  We concur that indeed the overall meal was fresh and less oily. Healthy?  Well, I’ll say as healthy as possible…

As with all of our stops we find that each place has it’s shining moment and in the case of Michelle’s Pancake I would say the Smoked Pork Pancake was the highlight.  If you go don’t miss this one.  I also really enjoyed the shredded tofu salad and am now on the hunt to find a grocer that sells them.  UPDATE: I found them @ 99 Ranch Market!


Free Boiled Peanut appetizer


Fermented Garlic Paste- Sis and I were fascinated by this unusual condiment.  I’m not sure if it is in fact fermented but it sure packed a punch.  Anybody know what this is let me know.


Cold Shredded Tofu Salad- light and refreshing dressed with a bit of garlic, vinegar and sesame oil


Smoked Pork Pancake- Chinese version of a taco. Assemble the goodies, add a touch of, hoisin, vinegar and garlic paste…sooo good.  Along with East Dumpling King’s Beef  Roll, I CRAVE these things like BAD!


Tomato Egg Handmade Noodle- this was another assemble it dish.  These noodles were amazing and the mixture was a perfect compliment to the rest of the meal.


Beef and Carrot Pancake- beware these guys squirt.  OK, not my fave but oddly enough they tasted better once they cooled down considerably.


Pan Fried Fish and Pork Dumpling- I think these would have been better if we chose to have them boiled however they don’t hold a candle to our beloved Kingburg’s Sole Dumplings (show and tell soon)

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